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Start your blog with Congo

Useful theme features to help programmers, analysts, and QA share knowledge


A personal blog is a great way to develop skills, become part of an expert community, and advance your career.

Static site generators allow the creation of very feature-rich websites from Markdown files. Hugo has a huge and growing community of users because of its usage simplicity and generation speed.

These two factors bring us a lot of Hugo themes for blogs. It is easy to find a feature-rich theme but hard to find an elegant and stylish one.

Search no more, take Congo.

This tool is ideal for creating both internal articles and personal blogs.


Design and dark theme

Congo provides a clean and minimalist design in both dark and white themes.

Profile/page homepage

A homepage is the root of your site and the place for the most important information.

Use a profile layout for a personal blog. Fill it with your skills and experience. Use a page layout for a company blog. Fill it with useful links.


Code samples are a basic markdown feature supported for all Hugo themes.

func gogo() {
	fmt.Println("code blocks")

Congo shortcodes

Congo comes with plenty of useful shortcodes. I want to highlight the most useful ones to help programmers, analysts, and QA share knowledge.


Mermaid is the best diagram as code tool for all main diagram types and more. You can easily generate entity diagrams and other diagram types from project source code or SQL, or write them by yourself.

erDiagram User }o--|| Path : has User }o--o{ PromptUI : sees PromptUI ||--|| Prompt : rendes Path ||--o{ Step : contains Step ||--o{ Prompt : contains Action ||--o{ Prompt : has


Illustrate your thoughts with interactive charts, generated from simple json.

Chart.js charts

You can automate schema and chart creation and actualization with basic programming skills.


You can make a strong accent on important details with alerts.


Tailwind CSS

Congo was created with Tailwind CSS. That allows you to customize color schemes and some elements without CSS knowledge easily.

Just follow instructions.


It is easy to add analytics for a personal blog. Just by adding file with one line of HTML.

I recommend free, privacy-focused GoatCounter. Just follow instructions.


As you can see, this theme has a beautiful design and tools for efficient knowledge sharing. I recommend it as a starting point for a personal blog and an internal company portal.

Diagrams by Mermaid, C4-PlantUML, Kroki
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