Featured image of post Geekdoc Hugo theme is ten times better than Confluence

Geekdoc Hugo theme is ten times better than Confluence

Review of the main theme features that can significantly improve your team communication


Static site generators allow you to create feature-rich websites from just markdown files. Hugo has a large and growing community of users due to its simplicity and speed of generation.

As a result, there are many useful Hugo themes available for documentation sites, and currently, Geekdocs is the best one.

This tool is ideal for creating both internal articles and public documentation.


Dark theme

That’s it. It’s a rare feature for many sites and tools.


It’s an underestimated but handy feature for organizing content in a compact way.

You can easily show what’s new, allowing users to quickly check old content and return to new.

User can view and edit site pages
User can view site pages

You can provide a compact description of entities.


Uses the site


Changes content of the site


Develops the site

You can compactly show different paths.



Auth error

Show “nono” message

Internal error

Show “ops” message

Mermaid, diagrams as a code

The best diagram as code tool for all main diagram types and more. You can easily generate entity diagrams and other diagram types from project source code or SQL, or write them yourself.

Entity relation

erDiagram User }o--|| Path : has User }o--o{ PromptUI : sees PromptUI ||--|| Prompt : rendes Path ||--o{ Step : contains Step ||--o{ Prompt : contains Action ||--o{ Prompt : has

You can use it inside tabs or other containers.


But sequenceDiagram has some little rendering troubles inside tabs :)

sequenceDiagram Note over User, AppUI: Rendering User->>+AppUI: Open screen AppUI-->>User: Show screen AppUI->>+PathContainer: Give me prompts PathContainer->>PathContainer: Finds current step PathContainer-->>-AppUI: Current prompts AppUI-->>-User: Show prompts Note over User, AppUI: Interacting User->>AppUI: Use prompted element AppUI->>+PathContainer: Action used PathContainer->>PathContainer: Set prompt invisible PathContainer->>PathContainer: Move to next step PathContainer-->>-AppUI: Current prompts
  • git flow
  • class diagram
  • algorithm


Since the main platform for documentation is the desktop, we can sacrifice mobile UX over compact and interactive content.


Show key values in a better way.

Pros and cons

Compare and list your arguments.

Show diagram and legend in two columns.


erDiagram User }o--|| Path : has


  • User - uses the app.
  • Path is a list of user-passed screens passed.


Click me


Hiding is not important under spoiler.


Express work progress or some achievements


Hits are powerful

You can emphasize important details.


func gogo() {
fmt.Println("code blocks")


This theme has more useful features out of the box than Confluence. These features can improve communication efficiency compared to Google Docs, Confluence, and Miro.

It can be used for pages about a product and its technical realization.

By using this theme, you can enjoy all the benefits of static sites. If you need guidance on using it comfortably and setting it up easily, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to help you out.

Diagrams by Mermaid, C4-PlantUML, Kroki
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